One of the hottest beauty trends to hit the market and explode in popularity over the past few years is jade rolling. Celebrated for relieving facial tension, increasing lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increasing blood flow to detoxify the skin – but, how much do you really know about the healing properties of this handheld tool?

To those just being introduced to using minerals for healing and beautification, this “new” product seems mysterious and many question if it really works. In fact, the art of jade rolling has been around for centuries, used in ancient Chinese beauty rituals, and can even bring good luck and prosperity to those that believe in the crystal’s healing powers.

By gently massaging the face (always using an upward motion) with the roller once serum or moisturizer is applied, it is said to help infuse your products into your skin and boost circulation to the face, reducing puffiness, and is believed to draw out negative energy.

Some experts advise to store your jade roller in the fridge, the coolness making your complexion brighter and further increasing the circulation in your face. Most jade rollers have 2 sizes (one on each end) – the larger for the cheek, neck and jaw area and the smaller for under the eyes and around the mouth. Applying gentle pressure and, of course, keeping your jade roller clean, will help ensure that the benefits of jade rolling won’t be undone by being too rough on the skin (thus, breaking precious blood vessels) or cause any breakouts from introducing your skin to bacteria.

Will you be keeping up with the Kardashians once you start jade rolling? Maybe. But, you actually might find that the ancient art of jade rolling gives you a minute to practice self-care before the kids miss the bus and you remember that tomorrow is Early Release Day (again)….

Here are a few jade rollers to try: