Cocokind Collective Matcha Stick

Cocokind: clean, conscious, and accessible skincare that empowers women.

When a skincare company in San Francisco, founded by strong women FOR strong women, talks about affordable, clean, vegan, certified organic products, we listen.
Safe for acne-prone skin and completely free of artificial fragrance, Cocokind is quickly gaining traction in the plant-based beauty world.

With a product lineup that includes moisturizers, cleansers, face masks, baby products, skin highlighter sticks, spot treatments and makeup, Cocokind is educating consumers about how to get glowing skin at home. With a blog that addresses how issues such as dehydration, sleep, and exercise all affect skin clarity and health, Cocokind seeks to educate consumers on how to truly care for the largest organ in the body: the skin.

Bonus: not only is Cocokind creating clean, cruelty-free beauty and skincare products but, with the Cocokind Impact Foundation, they are also providing grants to female entrepreneurs in health and wellness.

Our current favorite Cocokind products are the chlorophyll face mask (pictured below) and mymatcha all-over moisture stick. Loaded with natural antioxidants to protect and heal the skin, these products have won their way onto our list of wellness favs.

chlorophyll face mask