monthly facials

We’re often asked “How many times a year should I get a facial?” Our response is – at a bare minimum, once a season – BUT, monthly TLC for your skin is really where it’s at. With the dry, cold winter weather coming at your face in full-force, sneaking in an hour of self-care truly will protect your skin from Old Man Winter and you will see significant changes in your outward glow (you already have the glow inside – it’s time to radiate!).

To put things in perspective, think about only going to the gym or yoga studio once every season. Your body would take months to get to where you want it to be, right? Consistency is key to seeing real changes and improvement in your body and in your skin as well.

Lets look at the befits of monthly facials:

New dewy, glowy, plumped skin skin!
Skin cells take an average of 28 days to turn over. With monthly facials your esthetician can work with each cycle and if If you have conditions like melasma or hormonal acne its a great way to dive in to putting a fix and get you glowing.

Life moves pretty fast.
Coming in for monthly, facials give your esthetician knowledge of whats going on with your world. Skin evolves daily and with lifestyle changes, weather changes, diet and medication changes, stress, and travel all can leave your skin crying for more attention.

Stick with the Pro’s.
All products used in facials are designated for professional use meaning they pack a much bigger punch with the potency of their ingredients. You’ll see faster results with monthly professional treatment than any “do it home” peel or mask.

You deserve it.
And lastly, and the very most important, you deserve it. At a minimum, give yourself the gift of just one hour every month to take care of YOU. You could spend an hour doing laundry but, a facial feeds the mind, body and soul (and so much more).