What if I told you there was a more natural way to plump, lift and tone your
skin other than traditional injectables? I’d like to introduce you to your new
favorite beauty ritual, gua sha.

Often referred to as Eastern Botox or Eastern Facelift, facial gua sha is a
massage technique designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face,
boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage.

Gua sha utilizes a tool with a flat, smooth edge to gently scrape (gua) the skin. The
gentle scraping motion affects the connective tissue and muscles within the
face to help ‘iron out” fine lines and wrinkles while simultaneously
increasing blood flow to the face to bring about a healthy glow.
When performed correctly, puffiness is instantly reduced and stagnation is
dissolved, while the gentle glide and pull on the face tones muscles and
firms the skin. Facial gua sha also repairs the skin’s natural
hydration, sculpts the jawline and cheekbones, lifts facial contours, softens
the forehead, brow and nasal labial lines, and carries away toxins that can
lead to acne and blackheads.

Plus, it releases tension around the eyes to
lift and smooth lines, and stimulates the skin’s natural ability to heal.
Lets talk tools. Most gua sha tools are made of gemstones such as jade
and rose quartz and come in a wide variety of shapes. Choosing a gua sha
tool is really quite simple. Pick a shape and a stone that you’re most drawn
to. The most important thing is to make sure the tool is made of natural
stone and not dyed acrylic or glass. The dyes used in the fake stones can
irritate the skin and acrylic and glass provide none of the healing benefits of
natural stones.

Facial gua sha is definitely having a moment on social media and a quick
Google search will bring up numerous tutorials but here is a quick and easy
gua sha routine. You’ll need your tool, a clean face, a few drops of your
favorite face oil and about 5 minutes. Keep in mind that the movements are
gentle and slow, almost meditative. Each stroke should be repeated 3-5

1.Begin at the base of your neck and applying gentle pressure, gently glide
the stone upwards. Be sure to work the front and the back of the neck.

2.Working one side of your face at a time, place the stone at the center of
your chin and glide the stone outward towards your ear.

3.Next, move the stone up to the corner of your mouth and side of your
nose, working outward under and over your cheek.

4.Repeat the same motion between your eyes and over the brow and

Pro tip: Apply a warm, damp washcloth to your face and hold for a few
seconds after your gua sha routine and gently wipe away any excess oil.
Once finished, you can follow up with your normal skincare products.This
ritual is easily incorporated into your weekly skincare routine and can be
done two to three times a week.

Can this ancient modality replace your modern day injectables? If you’re
looking for a more natural and holistic approach treating aging skin or an
alternative to traditional injectables, consider adding gua sha to you
skincare routine. Keep in mind that the key to lasting results is consistency.

And if this all sounds a little overwhelming, you can always schedule a
professional gua sha facial at Tryst Studio in Hingham.
*Stay tuned for some gua sha workshops in 2020!

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