Empowerment: A New Year’s Evolution

With the great pause the pandemic has offered us, and the forced introspection which has accompanied it, we are able to better examine our insides and what makes us who we are. Lately we’ve had some extra time to reflect on ourselves, and what better time to ponder who we really want to be.

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Spiced Love: Teakwood Tavern is Making Spirits Bright

You’ve made it to late November. Congratulations! This has been a year like no other. And while we are excited to put on our elastic waist pants and sit down to a Thanksgiving feast, we’re equally, if not more, excited to enjoy some Thanksgiving themed cocktails and wine. It’s been that kind of year . . .

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Self Care In Any Weather

Off days are never truly off days. The weather never sleeps. New computer model data flows in multiple times a day. Viewer reports and questions stream in constantly on social media. For me, getting away from that is top of mind when it comes to self-care. There are a couple ways I do that, none of them fancy, and all of them involving nature. - Michael Page

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Self Love Is Self Care

Our own inner voices often include criticism we would never direct towards someone else. So, why do we think about ourselves that way? My personal commitment to self care is doing my best to show myself the same love, acceptance, and kindness that I give to my clients, my family, and my friends. When I look in the mirror, I make a genuine effort to see and appreciate the things I really love. - Sarah Hinchey

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You: A Whole New View

We are so hard on ourselves, particularly when it comes to the way we look. Insecurity can be crippling, but our appearance is the least interesting thing about us. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. We want to feel seen and to feel loved. My superpower is gifting that to the people who step in front of my camera.

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